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Here is a little more about me and the site. This will be somewhat similar to my About Me page, you can check that out here.

My name is Sonia : )

I’m so excited that I get to share my ideas with you. I intend to use this platform to display my unique perspective and artistic work to encourage healthy eating and wellness through informational posts, beautiful color palettes, and sharing personal experiences.

I have always wanted to provide a service to help others, but was never quite sure how or what to do. After spending years in unsatisfying jobs and several disappointing attempts at college; I realized that throughout all my changes there was one constant… I ate. Yes, I like eating. I want to eat everything that looks, taste, and smells good. I especially desire to patronize every restaurant I come across. I also don’t like cooking at home much. Besides, a good citizen always supports local businesses. Plus other people’s food seems to always taste better.

I’m joking, but it’s true.

We all know how easy it is to incorporate food in every occasion and to accompany every emotion and somehow our conscious self convinces us that it’s okay.

Although there is temptation, I do have some degree of discipline and self control. I often wonder, how good is this food for me? Is it helping or hurting my body? Does what I eat have any correlation to my allergies, constipation, or that big ugly mole on my left leg? Not to mention that pouch that won’t go away. I found that everything we choose to put in our bodies will ultimately have an effect on our wellbeing. From there I became more aware of the foods that provide real nourishment so that the body will function at its best. This is the type of info I want to share with you.

Enough about me, what about you?

Do you feel you think about food more than you should? Have you ever questioned any of your food choices? Do you notice that you have a bad reaction when eating something you love? Do you ignore it and keep eating anyway? Post a comment to share.

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